Sort of a "good news" crime against kids story since it was prevented - and BY another child!

Male snatched a 4 year old girl.

Her 13 year old brother is credited with saving her.

Sgt. Eric Metten says the boy ran after the man who snatched the girl from their backyard shortly before noon Saturday.

Metten says the man released the child after the boy grabbed his sister by the arm and yelled for help, prompting neighbors to come outside.
And it seems like it was an especially good thing. Priors on the guy, including for violent offenses.

He says deputies in the area arrested a 61-year-old man. Metten says he has a prior record of violent offenses.
Way to go, young man (and neighbors for coming to check and not thinking it was siblings goofing around!) and hopefully this guy is put away so he can't try this again.