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    Ontario grandmother beaten, leg broken, while attending to a mugging victim

    I hope/doubt that this does not reveal anything about Ontario LE in general, but it is a pretty sad situation, pending further information:


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    Thank-you for posting this Montjoy. Imo, this is indicative of Ontario LE behavior these days - the attempt by senior LE to sweep it under the carpet only makes it worse, showing a disregard for the slogan 'To serve and Protect'.

    This was an aggravated assault by an OPP officer on a citizen that helps pay his salary. He was not following or adhering to any mandate imposed on him by his uniform and badge. Imo. I believe a hair follicle drug test is in order (steroids?). She is permanently maimed and unable to work - another article revealed she had to move in with her elderly parents as she is unable to work and pay rent - something she was capable of before this attack - and that she lost a back tooth in the assault. It takes a lot of force to remove someones tooth.

    The SIU also looks lame and not needed by the citizens of Ontario - cops policing cops? Imo, the tax money funding the SIU would be better spent by distributing it to victims of raging cops such as this woman was.

    I hope this lying and cowardly cop will be found personally responsible in a lawsuit (along with his senior management) and forfeit a chunk of his future monthly policing salary to his victims living expenses. This assault cannot be justified in any way. Jmo.

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