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    Prison 101

    One of these days, hopefully sooner than later, Janet’s murderer will be arrested. A trial will most likely follow at some point. And then ultimately, we certainly hope the murderer will be convicted of murder. The charge of murder will have been pre-determined – 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, etc. Accordingly, the charge itself will dictate sentencing guidelines most likely. At minimum, one hopes that this murderer spends a long, long time behind bars. At maximum, if the charge is pre-meditated murder in the 1st degree, in NC there is always the possibility of the death penalty. Obviously at this stage, there has been no arrest, etc.

    I have no personal experience with prison, thank goodness, but being the curious sort, I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little research on prison life. While searching around for info on the net, I stumbled across a site, which I think is run by an actual corrections officer, which provides all sorts of interesting information about life in prison, almost a guidebook, if you will.

    So, being the helpful person that I am, I thought I’d post some excerpts from an article, titled "PRISON 101." This is certainly just informational, but, could also be viewed as a practical guide as well, for anyone facing prison time: advice, tips, guidelines, suggestions.

    So Janet's murderer, if you're reading this, you might want to pull up a chair and get comfy, grab a pad and pen, take some notes, start some planning…cause it seems that life behind bars is a lot different than a life of "big boy toys," extreme sports, tanning beds, and hair salons.

    Some excerpts (please note, some of this material is fairly graphic in nature):


    "Prepare yourself mentally for prison. The earlier that you begin this process, the better off you will be. Prison is often a violent and stressful place. You will suffer blows to your dignity, such as strip searches, indifference, threats and you will be treated as if you don’t have enough sense to blow your nose without being told. You will be told when to sleep, when to rise, when to eat, and what to wear. All of the little things that you took for granted are now privileges and subject to suspension. You must prepare your mind to deal with these things. It is important that you are not shocked or traumatized by it, this takes you out of the thinking mode. You must not resist or refuse, this makes you appear a trouble maker, and then you will be subjected to remedial training. There is very little that is positive in a correctional environment, so you must prepare for this and survive it with the least amount of trouble."

    Settling In

    "Committed inmates are often picked up from the county jails unexpectedly in the early morning before dawn for transportation to prison…A newly committed inmate almost always will be transported to some kind of diagnostic or reception institution. These institutions are potentially hazardous because at this point a check forger may be bunked right beside a rapist or a murderer."

    "At such an institution, for the convenience of the prison system, inmates will be subjected to a number of tests; physical, academic, and mental profiles are compiled. This information contributes to the decision regarding the type of prison unit that the inmate will subsequently be transferred to. During this process the inmate will be interviewed and classified. The classification process usually involves some kind of mathematical point system. The points are assessed based on a number of factors, the inmate’s psychological state, attitude, length of sentence, nature of the crime, and prior convictions. The only way that an inmate can help himself here is in the attitude department. Remember, prison officials hear it from inmates many times a day that the inmate is innocent. It becomes meaningless; in fact it can actually hurt the inmate. Prison officials view this denial as a lack of remorse and as a failure to accept responsibility for the inmate’s actions. If the inmate is appealing the sentence based on his innocence, obviously they should admit guilt, but neither do they have to deny it. It is best to not comment on it unless asked."

    "It is important that the inmate keep a low profile during this period of time. It is wise to appear to have few friends, although it is not wise to get too close. Remember, prison is full of predators. It is easy for an inmate to find others who have things in common with himself. Good judgment is very important here, as inmates are often judged by prison staff according to who they associate with. Anytime that an inmate goes anywhere away form his sleeping area, it is wise to get someone to walk with them, groups of three or four are best. It is easy enough to schedule your trip to the prison store the dining facility or the library to coincide with the schedule of others. Predators will usually wait for an easy mark…The same theory applies to any activity that takes the inmate away from the eyes of prison staff. This practice especially includes the shower and bathroom. It is not necessary to take friends along on every trip to the bathroom, but they can be nearby and watching. I often deal with inmates who are afraid to go into the shower area. Obviously, after a few days this can pose a very fragrant problem. Inmates who don’t shower will eventually be ordered to. Lack of hygiene can also trigger an assault from an ordinarily peaceful neighbor."

    Dealing with Inmates

    "Other than being separated from the family, the worse thing about being incarcerated is dealing with other inmates. Everyone knows someone in their life, from school, from work, or a neighbor or even a family member who seems to have no morals or scruples. This person does not care what others think of them, they violate all of the behavior codes, and relate to other with disrespect and indifference. They care not about the feelings of others, they are strictly self serving, often belligerent, and cruel. They are often involved in shady deals, their credibility is nil, they are the type who always take and never give. Such individuals often land in trouble with the law. The prisons are full of them. Since they are now dealing with their own kind, they have to devise better and trickier schemes to pull on each other. Once committed to prison they usually only sharpen their skills and become more brutal and less caring. People like this are right at home in a prison. These are inmates who are described as "doing life on the installment plan". Prison officials provide an inmate little protection for these predators. It is up to the individual inmate to avoid being victimized."

    "Predators in prison are after more than just money, it satisfies some of their needs, but not all. When an inmate has a lot of time behind them, the need for sexual release and satisfaction becomes unbearable. Traditional methods of self-satisfaction no longer are enough. Engaging in a sexual act is a violation of prison rules, but even the most gung-ho officer realized the need for sexual gratification and the need to keep the peace. This is not being said that they condone it, but they might not make a serious effort to catch inmates doing it. The involved inmates don’t want to get caught, which may result in separation from one another. They will always do it at a time when they know that the officers are occupied with another duty, and they will usually post a sentry to watch for the officer. This person is called a "hawk" or a "jigger". They are often paid in some way for this service. The act of watching and warning is called "hawking the man".

    "When an inmate is forcibly raped by a group of men, usually another uninvolved inmate will offer the raped inmate protection from gang rapes, but it carries a price. The inmate must now have sex with the protector. As bad as this sounds, it is better than being raped. The inmate has the option of "checking off", that is asking prison staff for protection. This too carries a price. Prison officials often ask the inmate to identify, and testify against his attackers. At this point, the inmate is labeled a "snitch", and his life is in further danger. This situation requires that the inmate be segregated for protection or moved repeatedly to other prisons farther and farther from home. The inmates have a communication system that is unbelievable, so sooner or later the inmate will be found out. As a result, the inmate sometimes chooses the protection route. The inmate providing the protection is called the "Daddy", and the protected inmate is called a "punk", or a "cock boy". The "Daddy" may even fall in love with the "punk", or he may grow tired of him and sell him or trade him to another inmate. He may even rent his services out to others for a fee. Because an inmate has sex with another of the same sex, he is not necessarily a homosexual, although he may begin to enjoy it, and become one. This procedure is called being "turned out". It is my belief that to be "turned out", the individual already had some homosexual tendencies prior to being subjected to this situation."

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    Wow, the death penalty almost sounds better!

    So, it seems that a control freak husband that told his wife when to sleep, when to rise, when to eat, and what to wear will have a taste of his own medicine!
    Justice For Janet Christiansen Abaroa!

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    Very interesting link, SouthEastSleuth ~ thanks for posting it!

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    Sweet dreams, Raven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdHunter
    Sweet dreams, Raven.
    BirdHunter, you are way too kind.

    I am hoping he ends up with eternal nightmares!
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