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    SC - Unregistered sex offender get 12 yrs for molesting boy

    A Ladson man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for molesting a 10-year-old boy.
    Assistant prosecutor Kristi Harrington says 44-year-old Ronald Mark Owen pleaded guilty to committing a lewd act upon a minor and failing to register for South Carolina's sex offender registry. http://www.wistv.com/Global/story.as...2&nav=0RaPcUZ8
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

    "Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly" ~ Michelle Knight

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    Oh goody, now he goes to jail for a few years, they let him out for good behavior and the next time he kills the child so it can't tell. Just another one of those great events innocent people get to look forward too.

    Personally I am sick of the bull! Jail will not make these criminals learn to conform. Their brains are wired wrong and sitting in jail for a few years will not solve their problem. What kind of human being (being nice with that term) gets their jollies touching the private parts of a child? This is a brain malfunction and these people need to serve their jail term, then be place in a mental institution for the rest of their lives, they are not going to see the error of their ways because they are insane.


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