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    Man with bad back sits on robber demanding $100 million

    63-year-old Castaic, California man Jeff Preach was warned not to try and lift even 10lbs following his back surgery. In fact, he was still using a walker when 21-year-old Salvador Medrano banged on his door Sunday night and demanded $100 million, then hit the homeowner in the face.

    A wrestling match ensued, which Jeff Preach - who weighs 275lbs and used to be a linebacker - won, by sitting on the deluded robber. Jeff's wife and houseguest, along with a shotgun, helped keep him there until law enforcement arrived, when it took five deputies to eventually subdue Medrano. He admitted to deputies he was high on heroin and went to the house to get money, although doesn't seem to have been able to explain why he imagined there'd be so many millions of dollars waiting there for him to steal.

    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

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    This one doubly welcome and providing fine chortling material ("We showed 'em!") as, yesterday, Mr. Outpatient (hi!) got a series of spinal injections in hopes of alleviating various back-related woes. Back still hurts, yet, after reading this, I am ready to tackle and "sit on a deluded robber," lol. Preach it, Jeff! our collective career as a tag-team wrasslin' duo starts here!

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    I hope he didn't hurt his back - Mr. Preach, that is, during the struggle.
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