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    VT - Kevin DeOliveira, 23, fatally shot in his Burlington home, 3 Jan 2015


    Kevin DeOliveira, a former University of Vermont student, was found dead in his apartment at 58 Greene St. on Saturday by friends who had been asked by DeOliveira's family to check on him...

    DeOliveira's death certificate showed that he died from a gunshot wound... The exact time and day of DeOliveira's death remains unknown, though Burlington Police Chief Michael Schirling has said DeOliveira's death "had not just happened" when his body was found.

    The search for a killer continues in Burlington.

    Now, police have called in the DEA and U.S. Marshals Service to help. With the addition of the marshals and DEA, 35 investigators and agents are now trying to find who shot Kevin DeOliveira in his home...

    Wednesday, Burlington Police Chief Michael Schirling said police -- at this point -- are not chasing any one person, but continue to cross off potential suspects from their list.

    Last Tuesday night, Dunoskovic needed a place to crash, and instinctively went over to DeOliveira's apartment. They stayed up talking for hours.

    "It was a classic night at Kevin's," Dunoskovic said. "He seemed super happy, didn't have a complaint in the world. I hadn't seen him that happy in a while. I left there stoked."

    He never saw his friend again.
    Kevin's FB: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.deoliveira

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    "It was a classic night at Kevin's," Dunoskovic said. "He seemed super happy, didn't have a complaint in the world. I hadn't seen him that happy in a while. I left there stoked."

    Oh Oh That sentence alone makes me lean towards suicide. It seems that quite often the person seems very upbeat and happy after they make the final decision.
    I am sure LE already looked at that possibiity. And they seem to say it is homicide however.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    "The investigation has revealed that there is a high likelihood that Kevin's murder has a nexus to drugs and drug distribution," said a statement Tuesday morning from Police Chief Mike Schirling and Detective Dan Gilligan.

    Investigators attributed the movement of the case toward a "single avenue" to "leads and information generated as a result of the public tips and Kevin DeOliveira's friends and contacts."

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    More than six weeks after a former University of Vermont student was found dead in his apartment, Burlington Police Chief Michael Schirling says detectives are "still making progress." However, there have been no arrests in the case as of Thursday...

    Schirling said the search has extended out of Vermont, with investigators on the ground in Massachusetts and New Jersey... The Burlington Police Department also recently issued a court subpoena to the Burlington Free Press asking for information on several computer IP addresses. The subpoena sought information on whether the addresses accessed the Burlington Free Press' website via the Internet between Jan. 2 and Jan. 17.

    Schirling confirmed that the subpoena was connected to the homicide investigation, but he declined to say why the information request was made.

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    Marcia DeOliveira-Longinetti said her son, Kevin, was an honors student and gifted athlete when he enrolled at the University of Vermont in 2009. He had dreams of becoming a doctor...

    "Everybody in Vermont was so amazing. Like, electric bill was forgiven, you know, gas bill was forgiven, cable... People were so moved by this kid that was murdered in his own home," DeOliveira-Longinetti said.

    She said the federal government wiped out Kevin's Stafford loan debts as well, but the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority -- the source of nearly $19,000 in additional student loans -- did not... When she gets the bill in the mail, it's a reminder that her son is dead and will not graduate, DeOliveira-Longinetti said.

    "I know what a co-signing is. If it defaults, I'm responsible. I know that," she said. "You're not going to say to your kid, you can't go to college because of $4,000"...

    DeOliveira-Longinetti said she's willing and able to pay the principal on her son's loan but had hoped HESAA would at least give a break on the interest, which nearly doubled the total amount owed.
    Kevin's murder is still unsolved.

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