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    France - Officer Clarissa Jean-Philippe, 27, fatally shot, Montrouge, 8 Jan 2015


    A police officer has been seriously injured in a second shooting in Paris.
    Gunmen are said to have escaped into the Metro after automatic gunfire was reported at Montrouge.
    A suspect has reportedly been arrested after the shootout.

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    suspects said to have both escaped into metro and been arrested, unsure if that means multiple suspects or one suspect initially fled and later arrested...

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    Oh My. Paris is having a terrible time. My prayers and best wishes for them to have some peace soon.
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    The female police officer has died. This is beyond scary
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    just heard that on CNN. bah.


    i saw something that said the suspect/s were wearing the same sort of garb as the people from yesterday, anyone else see that? (will go look for link)

    *from link in above post - dark clothes, suspected bullet proof vest, automatic weapon, no mask

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    The Paris metro today.

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    the gunman in this shooting is now the person holding hostages in the kosher market, he is demanding the release of the two brothers that committed the charlie hebdo massacre.

    probably going to get worse before it gets better... but lets hope for the best.

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