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    Man with two penises writes e-book called "Double Header"


    Apparently "DoubleDickDude" has been telling his story online for about a year now. But not until he published his e-book entitled "Double Header - my life with two penises" has he achieved the widespread fame/notoriety/validation of a People magazine interview.


    I can only assume that someone at People Magazine verified his claim prior to publication of the article. In any case, with Dude claiming that the side-by-side members are each 10 inches, one can only say that the man has surely been "doubly blessed".

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    2 heads are better than 1. I bet he can demonstrate how a 2 piston engine works.

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    Oh god, I remember the Ask Me Anything. Yes, he posted pictures. And yes, he told us stories of his wild sexual escapades.

    I remember him saying that he prefers the right one and he pees out of both at the same time. At one point, a woman who previously did an AMA about her two vaginas commented also. The guy's AMA is a must-read

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    I know what brand of jeans he wears.
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