A Lehigh Acres family is concerned after four people tried climbing into their back yard -- one of the suspect was armed with a knife and had a clown mask covering his face.

An eight-year-old girl and her two-year-old brother were playing in the backyard when the girl started screaming for her mother. The young girl told deputies four people dressed in all black were calling her to come to the fence.

The suspects had to go through a thick, grassy area and weren't phased by a privacy fence either.

"The guy that pulled himself up on the fence with the knife. He was shaking it around," said the mother.

One suspect climbed up the back of a privacy fence and peered over -- his face was covered by a clown mask. The eight-year-old screamed, the dog barked and family came running from inside -- scaring off the suspects.

The four suspect ran away along the back canal. According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office report, a K9 unit tracked a scent toward the canal behind the house. The scent stopped and as of tonight, no arrests have been made.