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    CO - Pitbulls Kill Woman, Injure 2, Denver

    Article Published: Monday, December 01, 2003
    Pit bulls kill woman, injure 2 men in Elbert
    Roaming dogs slain; rabies tests planned

    By George Merritt and Jim Kirksey
    Denver Post Staff Writers

    ELBERT COUNTY - A pack of roaming pit bulls neighbors say have been aggressive in the past mauled a woman to death Sunday morning and injured two men, the Elbert County Sheriff's Office said.

    Jennifer Brooke, 40, died Sunday after being airlifted to Swedish Medical Center.

    Full Article & Map

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    The owner of the Pit Bulls named...

    Denver KUSA 9 News

    Another link:

    CBS 4

    This woman let them roam free??? UNBELIEVABLE! Dogs will form packs if allowed to roam in numbers. Add to this the fact that they were Pit Bulls, and you have a murder just waiting to happen.

    IMHO it is not the dog's fault, but rather the owners. She should be charged with murder.

    I feel strongly about this because our son was attacked by a 6 month old Pit Bull puppy when he was 10. That was 11 years ago, but it seems like only yesterday. The dog belonged to neighbors. The dog was hanging from the underside of his arm. Had it been able to leap just a bit higher it would have gotten him in the neck. Luckily he survived. Animal Control where we were living cited the owner with harboring a vicious dog. The dog had to be destroyed and tested for rabies. Best thing that could have happened.

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    Hope your child has recovered (both physically and psychologically). Was reading the article you referenced and also the report on Crime News 2000 about 3-year old Elijah Torres who was mauled by a Rottweiler and is undergoing painful surgeries to repair the damage to his face. His mother is looking for a psychologist to help him deal with the trauma of his attack. Diane Whipple, the young San Francisco woman who was killed by Pressa Canarios owned by two lawyers, also comes to mind. I thought the Whipple case sent a powerful message and set a precedent in these cases, i.e.: your vicious animal will be destroyed and you, its owner, will be procecuted to the full extent of the law. I think Marjorie Knoller, the lawyer/co-owner of the Pressa Canarios was convicted of 2nd degree murder. I hope the owner of these pitbulls in Colorado is procecuted with the same force. Also, I would like to see laws put in place which require potential owners of dogs whose breed was established to guard/attack/protect (Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pressa Canarios, Pittbulls, etc.) to submit to a criminal background check. These types of breeds are difficult to train and control and should be sold only to people who understand the potential danger that mishandling them can pose to themselves and others.

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    Hey AppleAnnie!! Good post! There's a little dog in our neighborhood that is allowed to run loose. An adult could easily drop kick this little thing, but it loves to chase around the kids on their bicycles. Pain in the butt!! One day my daughter and her friend came in the house to get me because this stupid little dog wouldn't let them get to the friend's house. I took my dog (German Shepherd - on his lead) and went for a walk down the street. My dog barked that stupid little dog back into his house and he hasn't been back out yet! LOL

    My dog is about a year and a half old and has been in obedience classes since the age of three months old - he's now on protection training. Anyone who has a dog of any breed needs to get the dog some basic obedience training. There's simply no excuse not to. Also, there's insurance to consider. Some homeowners' policies won't cover certain breeds unless they have training certs.

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    Hi AppleAnnie. Pyschologically, my son is fine. He's an animal lover. He learned from the Animal Control officer that he did exactly the wrong thing when the dog lunged at him. He ran. The dog chased him. Fear will make you run, but you're supposed to lie down and curl up, or stand still as a tree. Yeah, right.

    He has no use for Pit Bulls understandably, and neither do his dad or I. He's got a scar on the underside of his upper arm to remind him, but luckily he didn't need stitches. His shirt took the brunt of the dog attack. It was torn to shreds on the sleeve. We watched the attack from our window after hearing his blood curdling scream and saw the dog hanging from him. Thankfully two older boys who were passing by used their backpacks to beat the dog until it let loose. I think it's been more traumatic for us.

    We own Weimaraners. They are big dogs and can intimidate with their barks. But they will basically lick you to death if they see you. Complete marshmallows. I totally agree on the basic obedience training. AND keeping dogs inside a fenced yard.

    This is on the AKC site. A listing of insurance companies and what dogs are deemed 'bad dogs'. More like Bad Owners IMO.


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    It seems this wasn't the first time the dogs threatened someone. Just the first time they murdered someone.

    Excerpts from Rocky Mountain News Article:

    Pit bulls' owner faced legal woes
    Dogs' violent history had neighbors living with guns close by

    By Charlie Brennan And Jeff Kass, Rocky Mountain News
    December 2, 2003

    ELBERT COUNTY - An owner of three pit bulls that mauled Jennifer Brooke, 40, to death Sunday has a history of legal problems involving the animals and is due in court next month for allegedly keeping a vicious dog.

    The exact number of incidents involving the three dogs, which were shot dead by neighbors and police after the fatal attack, is still emerging through a mix of police records, court documents and neighbors' accounts............................

    Full Article

    From the same article:
    "A state investigator is expected to examine the carcasses today for any signs they were bred to be fighting dogs, or involved in fighting, according to the sheriff's office. Then the animals will be tested for rabies."

    She said she bred Pit Bulls, but didn't sell them. It could be likely that she did breed them for fighting. If she did breed them for fighting, then she should have the book thrown at her. Every single one of these owners who use their dogs for fighting should, IMO, be arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

    I think I did hear (but I could be mistaken on this) that in the state of Colorado, negligent homicide, which is the worst she could be charged only carries a prison term of something like 2 - 3 years. For murdering someone???

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