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    MT- Devastating Reaction of Cop Forced to Kill Man in the Line of Duty

    The video below shows us a side of law enforcement we very rarely see: the toll it takes on officers, who after all, are as human as us all.

    You can see the emotional toll on Morrison of having made such a tough call — the call that, in an instant, can mean life or death, for either officer or suspect.


    Killing of unarmed Montana man by police found justified

    Police video showed Morrison repeatedly ordered Ramirez and other occupants of the vehicle to raise their hands. Ramirez's actions were largely obscured in the video. But Morrison said Ramirez dropped his left hand to his side — out of the officer's view — and "started to jiggle it up and down" just before he was shot.
    Billings Police Detective Brad Tucker, who investigated the case, testified Tuesday that Ramirez might have been trying to stash something when he was shot. A small amount of methamphetamine and a syringe were later found near Ramirez's seat.
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    This video shows the dash-cam of Officer Morrison pulling over the car and what happened.

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    I hope this ruling brings him some peace. He did good. IMO

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    Thank you popsicle for this view of an officer directly after having shot a suspect. I cannot say he did "good" but I understand what nothingnew means. The outcome of a dead suspect was not good for either suspect or the officer but the officer did do right according to his training and the situation he was presented with. A horrible end to a traffic stop for both individuals but the suspect controlled by his behaviors how that played out, the officer simply responded with his training.
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    Billings PD reported five officer involved shooting deaths over a two year period. Officer Morrisson was responsible for two of those shooting deaths. Both incidents happened under VERY similar circumstances / scenarios resulting in the death of both suspects.

    I've watched several videos of this incident What strikes me is are the looks from some of the other officers walking past the camera as they glance toward Officer Morrisson and his partner. A couple seem slightly concerned and stop to make sure he isn't injured. A number of others walk past, glance at him, shrug their shoulders, and walk away. As if to say 'He did it AGAIN ?' ...

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