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    OK - Bryan VanAssche, 34, & Shelby Hughes, 33, Midwest City, 21 June 2014


    Early Saturday morning on June 21, 2014, the Midwest City Fire Department was called to the 1400 block of Maple Dr. for a house fire. When they arrived, firefighters quickly put the fire out, then discovered the bodies of Shelby Hughes and Bryan VanAssche.
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    Shelby Hughes obit (funeral.com)

    Brief KFOR reward article with the pic of Shelby and Bryan.

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    A murder shrouded in mystery was seven months in the making. It started in June when Midwest City firefighters made a terrible discovery. In the rubble, a man and a woman were murdered and then set on fire...

    The bodies of Shelby Hughes and Bryan Vanassche were found back on June 21, but police said they still have no idea who killed them. A little white house with blue trim caught fire back in June, and detectives said they believe someone set it on fire after killing the couple who lived there. It has been dozed over, but police said they are still working the crime and have hit a wall in the case.

    “We've come to an area where we're not getting any more information,” Midwest City Police Assistant Chief Sid Porter.

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    From August:


    On June 21, 2014, police discovered the bodies of a young couple in the burned ruins of a house in Midwest City, Oklahoma. The deceased were identified as Shelby Hughes, 33, and her fiance, Bryan VanAssche...

    The death of Shelby Hughes finally gave a name and a face to her rather prominent alter ego. During the last years of her life Hughes had battled heroin addiction and under the nom de guerre Dequincey Jynxie founded Jynxie's Natural Habitat, a peer-reviewed site for heroin users. The blog has outlived its creator and is still updated frequently with photos of various stamps on heroin baggies, accompanied by corresponding product reviews. Run for junkies by junkies, JNH is considered a reliable resource in the secret world of New York's heroin underground...

    Oklahoma authorities are asking the public for any information about the arson murders of Shelby Hughes and her boyfriend Bryan VanAssche.

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    It’s been almost two years since a man and woman were brutally murdered in Midwest City...

    There was initially a $5000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction and has now been upped to $10,000.

    “We’ve followed what leads we’ve had and unfortunately at this point the case is still unsolved and has grown cold,” said Detective Sergeant Wade Ramsey with the Midwest City police department.

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    Another article from today with more pictures.


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