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    LA - Ta'shae, 4, & Clifton Thompson-Johnson, 3, home alone, die in fire, 12 Jan 2015

    Two sibling toddlers lost their lives Monday in an early evening house fire in Bastrop, Louisiana

    Authorities say 21-year-old Ciarria Johnson, the mother of 4-year-old Ta'shae Thompson Johnson and 3-year-old Clifton Thompson Johnson, left her children unattended for hours as she was having her hair styled.

    Ciarria Johnson reportedly told investigators that before she left her home around 1:00 p.m., she had made preparations with a neighbor to care for her children.

    Investigators say Ciarria Johnson did not make child care arrangements and she only returned home after being contacted about the fire.

    two counts of negligent homicide.

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    What the heck ????! She left two small defenseless babies alone with some heaters in the house while she got her hair done ?? It took HOURS ? Obviously she wasn't too concerned ��

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    I.just.have.no.words! Too many are leaving their small children alone. Too many are sleeping while their small children are running around. Those poor babies!
    Vermont born and raised!

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    LA - 3 and 4 Year Old Kids Die in Fire While Mom is at Beauty Salon. Bastrop.

    Two children, left alone in their Louisiana home, were killed in a house fire while their mother was out getting her hair styled at a salon, authorities said.The victims were identified as 4-year-old Ta'shae Thompson Johnson and her 3-year-old brother, Clifton Thompson Johnson.

    Fire officials say they are still piecing together what happened at the home in Bastrop on Monday evening. But “one thing is certain,” said Brant Thompson, state fire marshal deputy chief. “Ciarria Johnson … left her children unattended for hours as she was having her hair styled.”

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    Oh my goodness. How awful. I am starting to question the common sense of people.

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    "There were two gas space heaters running when Johnson left, the fire marshal’s office said. Some flammable material left by a heater in the living room caused the fire, engulfing the single-family, wood-framed house in flames."

    Those poor kids.

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    I want to see the mugshot and the hairdo that was more important than the care of her two children.Poor babies,I wonder if they were asleep and died of smoke inhalation.I pray they were asleep and not trying to get out of the door because she locked them in so they would not wander away.

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    What's sickening to me is that her FB is filled with condolences from people - sympathy, prayers, words like "tragedy," telling mom to keep her head up. Does no one understand that she lost her kids because of her own selfish actions?

    Mind you, it's equally disgusting (to me) when I see hateful remarks but IMO taking an attitude that this was just some unforseeable event or an unfortunate mistake perpetuates the myth of a neglectful parent being punished "enough" by the loss of his/her kids. I'm glad to see that she's been charged and hopefully will be held accountable for her actions.

    Oh, and I'm waiting to see if someone sets up an online fund for her "loss." Reminds me a little bit of Shanesha Taylor.


    She told authorities that she had arranged for a neighbor to watch the children -- arrangements that the marshal's office said never existed.
    Johnson reportedly told investigators that she returned to her home to find the house engulfed in flames, the marshal's office said. But authorities believe she didn't return home until after she was told about the fire.


    Makes me wonder how many times those kids were left alone in the past...

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    I am sure a funding page has already been started somewhere for this grieving mom.

    Much like Shanesha Taylor, she will become the victim while the children endangered by the "victim" go forgotten. I can't wait for some person on the web to argue that this happened because she is a single mom or that its the fault of a slumlord landlord or anyone but this mother who consciously choose to leave these babies alone so she could go get her hair did.
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    Oh for crying out loud. Will people every learn, children are not suppose to be left alone.. I have so many other words that I can't say on here. What precious little lives gone for something so ridiculously utterly stupid. I don't even like to leave my dog along. RIP little ones.

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    Ciarria Johnson, 21, was released from Brentwood Hospital in Shreveport on Friday afternoon, according to the Louisiana State Fire Marshall.

    She has been booked into the Caddo Correctional Center as a fugitive from Morehouse Parish, charged with two counts of negligent homicide in the death of her children.

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    Plenty of loving couples who can't conceive would have been far better parents to these two children rather than Ciarria. So tragic.

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