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    by the bay

    MO - Michelle Henri, 25, Waynesville, 24 January 2004

    Michelle Henri was last seen on January 24, 2004 at her home in Waynesville, Mo. Michelle is 5-foot-6 with brown hair and green eyes. She has a 12-inch scar on her top left thigh and scars on both wrists. She was 25 years old when she disappeared and is 36 years old now.



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    Cold Case Files: Missing: Michelle Henri; Loving mother vanished
    By Natalie Sanders
    Posted Jan. 15, 2016 at 5:10 PM

    Who is Michelle Henri?
    A young mother of two boys vanished from Buckhorn on Jan. 24, 2004, nearly 12 years ago. Michelle Henri is more than just one of 533 adults missing in the state of Missouri; she is a mother to two children, the sister to three sisters and the daughter to a mother who is begging the public to help her find closure.

    Michelle Henri has a family that desperately wants to know what happened to her and a detective who would like to help them with that.


    Michelle was described by her mother and two of her sisters as “a great mom” who loved her children and would never have left them. When Michelle went missing, her two boys were only five and three years old.
    Michelle's mother, Kim Young, said that her daughter wouldn't have missed her children's first lost tooth, the start of kindergarten, and growing up “for the world.”


    The circumstances of Michelle's disappearance
    When Michelle didn't call her sister for the twins' birthday, Simons said she was concerned. Young said she'd spoken to her daughter a few days before she disappeared and Michelle had been planning to visit a friend in Kansas City.
    Simons said Michelle was supposed to go somewhere but her car wouldn't start and “she was supposed to get a ride.”

    The last person to see Michelle Henri was her ex husband, who she and the children had been staying with in Buckhorn. She was seen in the afternoon at the residence in the 260000 block of Highway 17. Michelle's purse and medication was still at the residence, according to her family.

    According to the family, Michelle never made it to Kansas City. According to Renno, Michelle does not have a driver's license in any state, her social security number has not been used since her disappearance and her respiratory therapist license expired and no attempt to renew it was made.

    Renno said there is not a person of interest at this time in this case.

    Young said she knows someone has to know something about what happened to her daughter.

    When asked what she would you say to the person who may know something about her disappearance, Young responded, “Please don't hide anymore. Give me closure. Let Michelle's family finally be able to put it in the past with a period. Clear your conscience. Don't let someone else's mistake. Don't go to your grave with information that may help us find our daughter.”


    Individuals with information can call the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office tip line at 573-774-7948 or contact Detective Doug Renno at drenno@pcsheriff2.com and remain confidential.

    Much more at the link
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    Michelle Henri, Namus MP #245

    Nickname/Alias - Michelle Crossland
    Date last seen - January 24, 2004 22:43
    Age last seen - 25 to 25 years old
    Age now - 37 years old

    Michelle was last seen in the afternoon at her residence in the vicinity of the 26000 block of Hwy 17 in Waynesville, MO. She may be in the Columbia, MO area. Michelle has a medical condition.

    Race - White
    Height (inches) - 66.0 to 69.0
    Weight (pounds) - 145.0 to 160.0

    Hair - Brown
    Eyes - Green

    DNA available
    No dental or fingerprints

    Various scars on both arms and legs; Scar approximately 12" long on top of left thigh; Scar under right breast area; Scars on both wrists

    Pierced navel with silver hoop that has a "frog" and "flower" on it

    Det. DJ Renno
    Pulaski County Sheriff's Dept

    Case No. P1245-10

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    ; Muddy water 'round my feet... as sung by the inimitable Bessie Smith, "Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)"


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