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    Saipan - Traina Jack, 18, San Antonio, 22 October 2014

    Traina Jack

    Chinatown resident missing since October
    TRAINA Jack, who turned 18 in Aug., has been missing since Oct. 22, 2014 and her family and friends are still looking for her. “Please come home. We love you so much. We really miss you,” the 40-year-old mother, Recky Jack Suda, told Variety yesterday. The mother is also appealing for individuals who may be keeping her daughter, “Please let her come home.” They have talked to the Koblerville resident whom Jack was supposed to meet on the night of her disappearance but, the mother said, this female friend was also waiting for her daughter.

    “She got lost around the time she was supposed to meet her friend in Koblerville,” the mother told Variety. The mother said Jack may not have left Saipan because, she said, her missing daughter’s travel documents remain with them at their home. Police said Jack left her cell phone at a relative’s house, also in San Antonio. She added that they have contacted people in her daughter’s phone book, but they said they don’t know Jack’s whereabouts or were also looking for the Chinatown resident.

    Jack was supposed to meet a female friend in Koblerville. She went out after midnight leaving her relatives’ residence in San Antonio, and that was the last time she was seen.
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    No more news on this?

    I initially posted a NamUs profile I found along with my comment, but then thought against it....

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    I obviously am having some comprehension problem today. Is the mother in Saipan? Is the daughter missing in Texas, California, or Guam? Her mother said all Traina's travel papers are "here at home." Where is that? She cannot leave the country she is in without these, correct?? I am so confused!!
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    “We don’t believe that Jack left Saipan,” Department of Public Safety Commissioner James Deleon Guerrero said yesterday at a press conference.

    “We continue to receive information. At least three locations I believe have been shared with the investigators. Officers went to the locations, and verified that that [Jack] was not there.

    “We are going to continue to pursue whatever information we get” regarding the case, the DPS commissioner said.

    Police, he added, are in communication with the missing girl’s parents and relatives who are also helping DPS by providing any possible information or locations that Jack may have gone to.

    Variety gathered from Jack’s family that on the night of Oct. 22, Jack, together with a male friend, went to Dandan, and had a drink there.

    Afterward, Jack asked the same male friend to drop her off at her relatives’ house in San Antonio instead of her residence in Chinatown.
    As far as I can figure out none of the articles I found said San Antonio, Texas.
    Koblerville, Dandan, Chinatown, San Antonio are all addresses in Saipan.

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    Traina Jack's remains have been located. RIP dear one.

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