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    Boston's Yeti has trouble hailing a cab

    Not only has Boston received all the snow New Yorkers were prepared for, but they're having fun in it too.

    First of all there's the Yeti who has appeared (complete with twitter feed) and has been spotted trying to hail a cab on busy city streets. Without much luck, as a joke only goes so far. He's also done a media interview but didn't have much to say except he was born in the woods.

    Then there's the snow ghost, who has also been snapped an appeared on twitter looking rather like...well, a Bostonian wearing a sheet.

    There's also the man who stands on his head for fun and is now doing so in the snow. He must have a headache.

    You can see them all at the link.

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    There was also the flash mob snowball fight in Portsmouth NH. Because if you're going to have winter, you may as well have winter fun. http://abcnews.go.com/US/blizzard-20...ry?id=28540174
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