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    FL. 'Zombie cat' claws its way back from the dead!

    It's tough out there for a cat - just take Bart from Florida in the US.
    First the 23-month-old feline now dubbed "zombie cat" was hit by a car. Then, thinking his cat was dead, Bart's owner buried him.
    But Bart wasn't dead.



    I was going to post this in the 'bizarre' forum, but it made me smile, hope it makes you smile too! This is one cat who's used all his nine lives at once, I think!!! I hope he has a long and happy life ahead of him after surgery, minus one eye, no problem.

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    I needed that.
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    I hope Bart's human intends to keep Bart inside for the rest of his life or that any outdoor time is either in a catio or supervised in a fenced yard or on a leash/harness. It's the very least Bart deserves.

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    Uhmmm...didn't Stephen King write a book about this...?

    Seriously: God bless poor Bart.

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