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    NE - Omaha, WhtMale UP13093, found on hillside, October '14

    NamUs - https://identifyus.org/en/cases/13093

    There is no picture on NamUs, but I feel like there are so many details that could provide insight into his identity, it is surprising that he remains unknown.

    Found October 27, 2014 on the side of the hill at 14th and Sherwood in Omaha.

    White adult male. No info on age, height/weight, post-mortem interval, or COD available.

    DNA submitted - testing not complete. No dentals or fingerprints.

    • Blonde or Strawberry blonde hair, blonde hair on arms.
    • Prior healed fractures to ribs, right fibula (calf bone), and the left side of the jaw. Jaw fracture appears to not have been treated.
    • May have been involved in a prior accident.

    • Rustler brand blue jeans with black belt
    • Fruit of Loom blue/white checkered
    • White socks
    • Dark colored hoodie and shirt
    • Black "Starter" brand tennis shoes

    Other items found:
    • Two pairs of OTC reading glasses - one black and one silver
    • A key with a red "Guardian Real Estate" key fob
    • Bottle of "Seroquel" pills
    • Unreadable prescription bottle
    • Wildhorse cigarettes

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    A few details I've gathered in a quick search... Seroquel is used to treat biopolar disorder. Wildhorse is a popular cigarette brand in Nebraska. Guardian Real Estate is a company in Omaha.

    I imagine he was local. He had glasses, medicine, keys... it doesn't seem like he was totally homeless or off the grid or anything. I've found very little coverage of the discovery of his body. It seems crazy to me that no one knows him.

    Here's a map showing where the body was found.

    Attachment 68445

    It doesn't look like a particularly remote area to me, but maybe someone local can weigh in.

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    san jose, ca
    likely estranged from family due to mental illness judging by the rx.

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    True! But if he had a real estate key then someone must be missing a tenant, or a neighbor? Assuming the meds are his, he would have a pharmacist and/or a doctor.

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    Look like my map isn't working. Let me try again.


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