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    MO - Lydia Judd Bonham, 82, Polk County, 30 June 1985

    Lydia Judd Bonham was discovered dead in her home on a Sunday morning in June 1985. For 30 years, this case has been shoved aside without a second thought. I came across it while reading "Missing or Murdered in Missouri: Unsolved and Solved Cases" by Barbara Kemm Highton. This case disturbs me to no end. I have questioned the local coroner who was actually working for the sheriff's department at the time and he says the crime scene was fairly disturbed when people trampled into the house after finding Lydia's body.

    After 30 years, Lydia deserves justice. She has no family to take on this cause. No children. Her siblings passed away before she did. Her property was apparently willed to the family that discovered her (interestingly enough). I don't know where I can legally start but I just have this nagging need to do something.

    At the bottom of this list of Polk County, Missouri, Coroner's Inquests you'll see Lydia's inquest. Pages 1-6 of her autopsy report are missing. Only 7 is available.

    Could someone help point me in the right direction?
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    Was just reading about this murder in the Missing or Murdered in Missouri book. This case seems it should have been easy to solve, but something went wrong.
    The quote from the Bolivar, MO newspaper article at the link above is odd - the Sheriff back then said he thinks he could solve the murder if he could just figure out the motive? That means he has some kind of evidence to prove who did it and how. He doesn't think he can prove why? That's bizarre, just ridiculous.

    I wonder if they kept the evidence or destroyed it? Really sad and disrespectful to Ms. Bonham that local LE keeps hiding information. Just because she was a widow with no other relatives to push for closure doesn't mean it shouldn't be resolved.

    Anyone want to contact Polk Co, MO LE and ask if they still have the evidence and files from her case?

    ETA: I loved the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, still do. Here's a link to their album cover with Lydia's photo on the front


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