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    NJ - Gloucester Co., BlkMale UP#1627, 24-34, floating in creek, Jan'90


    Age: 24 - 34 years old
    Race: African-American
    Sex: Male
    Height: 71 inches (5'11)
    Weight: 170 inches
    Body conditions: Not recognisable - Decomposition/putrefaction
    Postmortem interval: 1989 - 1990

    Found floating in a creek in Gloucester County, NJ

    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown

    Clothing: Maroon overcoat, black jacket, orange muscle t-shirt
    Shoes: Running shoes

    Fingerprints: Available and entered
    Dentals: Available and entered
    DNA: Sample currently not available

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    This man was added to NamUs about a week and a half ago.

    Ernest Edmonds

    Age (36) is within 2 years of the 24 - 34 age range
    Race (African-American) matches
    UID's height is right in the middle of Edmonds' age range (5'9 - 6'1)
    Hair color (black) matches
    Eye color (brown) matches
    Clothing somewhat matches; like the UID, Edmonds had on a rust wool overcoat and running shoes
    Timing (one month between date of disappearance and the date the body was recovered) is consistent
    Distance (21.4 miles between Philly and Gloucester County) checks out
    Circumstances seem to line up

    The only big inconsistency is that Edmonds is listed as being 140 pounds, while the UID weighed 170. But it's a 25-year-old case, so who knows if those numbers are accurate.

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    I contacted the Gloucester County ME's Office. The lady on the other line said that they only keep files on hand if they're less than 10 years old, so the UID's case is archived and it may take some time for her to locate the file. But she'll forward the info to the man in the NJ State Police who handles UID cases and he'll contact me if he has any questions.

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