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    CA - Millionaire Dino Guglielmelli Hires Hitman to Kill Wife, Arrested Instead.

    Guglielmelli and Olsen were married for seven years and seemed to have a perfect relationship. He was a dashing executive, who fronted a rock band. She was model and mother of two beautiful children. They seemed to live the fairytale life. However, not everything was as it seemed. Cole says Guglielmelli was cheating on Olsen throughout their relationship. And he was upset that she had returned to modeling....

    When he couldn't get his way in the divorce, prosecutors maintain, Guglielmelli sought the help of friend and business partner. Fuhrmann says Guglielmelli talked about killing his wife for more than a year. Fuhrmann went to authorities and agreed to wear a wire. Over lunch, Fuhrmann got Guglielmelli to repeat that he would pay $80,000 to have Olsen killed.

    48 Hours Episode:

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    Glad to see him caught before he succeeded.

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    Watched the 48 Hours episode.....glad he was convicted but wish they wouldn't have offered the plea bargain. What a slime ball.

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    'I know he still wants to take the kids away from me': Model whose multimillionaire husband hired a hit man to kill her admits she fears him six months after he was jailed for nine years

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz3QZBL05SE

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