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    DE - Nicole Bennett, 35, raped & murdered, Gumboro, 14 June 2012

    Will anybody else be following this trial?

    Nicole was allegedly raped and murdered by a church custodian, Matthew Burton, while she was working there late one night, preparing for the preschool class she taught. Burton has been in prison in Maryland, where her body was found, fighting extradition back to Delaware, where the murder occurred, because Delaware has the death penalty and MD does not. He lost that fight.

    I knew Nicole and her in-laws, although not well. She was so sweet. A very loving mother. Her girls and her husband have suffered such a great loss with this man ripping her from their lives .


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    Matthew Burton was extradited from Maryland to Delaware last month; 47 ABC is reporting that according to sources close to the investigation, Burton's trial will start in April 2016.

    Burton faces 1st and 2nd degree rape, 1st and 2nd degree murder and kidnapping charges in connection with the slaying of then 35-year-old Nicole Bennett, in June 2012; her body was found in Worcester County in a ditch, a few miles from the Bay Shore Community Church in Gumboro where she worked and where Burton was hired for maintenance work.

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    June 2015:

    The church where Nicole Bennett provided day care to children, and where her accused killer, Matthew Burton, also worked, will pay $467,000 as part of a settlement in a lawsuit Bennett's family filed against the church, according to courthouse documents.

    Kevin Bennett filed the wrongful death suit against the church; its pastor, Danny Tice; and Burton in April 2013. The suit claims the church allowed Burton to work as a custodian for two final weeks after its leaders learned he had been convicted of sex offense against a child in 2004.

    The church failed to inform Nicole Bennett about Burton's past or why he was being let go, according to the suit. On Burton's last day of work, the lawsuit says, he kidnapped and killed her.

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    A Sussex County Superior Court judge has given accused murderer Matthew Burton $1.5 million cash bail.

    Burton is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and first-degree rape in connection with the 2012 death of Nicole Bennett. On April 25, Sussex County Superior Court Judge E. Scott Bradley gave Burton $500,000 cash for each count. A bail hearing was held April 22 in a case that extradited Burton from Maryland to Delaware. His trial is scheduled for October.

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    Matthew Burton murder trial still 6 months away


    32 year-old Matthew Burton faces felony rape and murder charges for the 2012 death of Nicole Bennett of Millsboro, Delaware.

    It's been nearly four and a half years since Nicole's murder; however, there is still 6 months before Burton faces a Sussex County jury in May 2017.

    "It is one for the books on this," admits John Brady, licensed Delaware attorney, "but the worst part is how it's affecting the family. It's really tough to explain to the family why it's taken over 4 years to get to the point where we're close to trial but we don't have a date yet. I can see how they're frustrated."

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    Judge allows DNA evidence at Burton trial


    A Delaware Superior Court judge has ruled that DNA evidence linking accused murderer Matthew Burton to the 2012 killing of Nicole Bennett may be presented at trial.

    Burtonís attorneys, Daniel Strumpf and Gary Traynor, filed 10 separate motions challenging details of search warrants police obtained for Burtonís DNA and search his truck and his home.

    Strumpf argued that the warrant seeking Burtonís DNA failed to present enough facts to show that police were entitled to collect it. Judge E. Scott Bradley disagreed, saying the evidence available makes clear that there was a reasonable belief that Burtonís DNA would be found on Bennettís body.

    Burtonís attorneys made 10 motions to suppress evidence in the case, and were successful in preventing evidence found in Burtonís truck and his past history as a sex offender from being introduced. Burton is scheduled to go to trial in May.

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