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    VT - Desiree George, charged w/critically injuring her 3-wk-old infant,Burlington

    Vt. teen mom charged with critically injuring infant son
    Posted: Feb 10, 2015 10:58 AM CST Updated: Feb 10, 2015 5:15 PM CST
    By Keith McGilvery


    They're chilling allegations-- police say Desiree George of South Burlington is responsible for nearly killing her 3-week-old baby. According to a police affidavit, the 17-year-old mom admits to shaking the newborn three or four times because he would not stop crying Monday morning.

    "Still unknown what the outcome is going to be of the injuries, whether it's going to be lasting or whether the baby will be able to recover. But currently, at this point, the child is in the intensive care unit and is in critical condition," said Sgt. Michael Warren of the Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations.

    When the baby arrived at the University of Vermont Medical Center, investigators say he was unresponsive and had internal bleeding in his skull.
    George pleaded not guilty today, and is being held on $15,000 bond. The ongoing investigation does not include the father. Another hearing will take place on Friday.
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    How did she not know that shaking a baby is dangerous ?

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    Wow the baby is only 3 weeks old but she admits to handling him roughly and yelling at him on previous occasions. The father is 45. She is 17. Nothing about her environment or the baby's was healthy or good.

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    Dear God! The poor little baby didn't ask to be born into this mess.

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    Baby born premature, mother lived in a home for pregnant teens and young mothers for a while, teen mother admitted to hating her precious baby boy, admitted screaming in his face, court was going to take baby away, but court didn't act fast enough. So.very.sad!
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