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    OH - Chris Heben Charged with Lying about Shooting

    This one's a little old but the trial is scheduled for next month and I would love to hear insights from folks on here about case.

    Chris Heben is a former Navy Seal. He has been a frequent guest on Fox News and others since the Bin Laden raid. Since leaving the Navy he has made a brand of himself through various endeavors. The latest one is called "Seal Team Consulting" through which he sells supplements, T-shirts, and physical fitness/life improvement programs. He's also a car dealer spokesman. In April of last year he was in the news after being shot. He claimed that it was after a verbal with three black men in a parking lot in Akron, OH. He claimed to have plugged the bullet wound with his finger and chased the three men in his truck before stopping at a fire station to get help. This was a pretty bad-ass story and made most of the major news outlets at the time.


    Then it September it came out that police were charging him with making the whole thing up. Well, most of it. The guy obviously had a bullet wound when he went to the hospital, but video records showed no evidence of the supposed shooting or vehicle chase, and his phone records put him somewhere else at the time.


    He has a criminal record for forging steroid prescriptions several years ago. And, to add further oddness, his brother was called out last year for stolen valor. Although Chris Heben's own military history appears to be valid (at least insomuch as he was definitely a Seal at some point), he apparently never realized his own brother was not in the Special Forces as he claimed: http://guardianofvalor.com/thomas-jo...others-shadow/.

    According to the Akron Docket his trial has been postponed until late next month. Apparently he's been through several lawyers at this point.

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    Very interesting story. This is the first I recall hearing about it. Thanks! Will follow.
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