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    GA - Bike loss, corpse 'disturbance' toll of morgue break-in, cops say

    Man charged with having sex with corpse in mortuary (AP)

    COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) -- A homeless man broke into a funeral home and had sex with a woman's body, police said Friday.

    Domonique Smith, 26, was arrested Feb. 9 when he was found with a bike stolen from the Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service, and further investigation revealed that a body there had been disturbed during the burglary, police said.

    "The results of our investigation and the forensic examination gave us probable cause to believe that this individual had indeed sexually assaulted a dead body," said Columbus Police Maj. Gil Slouchick.
    the rest at link above

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    Dear God! How twisted is this? Sick, sick person.
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    Yes -- sex and death, in tandem always a gobsmacker, a breaker of the final taboo. So of course I immediately, upon seeing LaLaw2000's post below the OP, began to google for more. And yes, there are some (and yes, my "search history" just got embarrassingly even more bizarre, in the process), including this one, of especial interest, perhaps, to English majors like me (and as well to whomsoever might also enjoy tales relate to a poet whose great and direct lineage, in terms of utter skill, includes Shakespeare and Keats). (And btw, Maude Gonne is also in her own right a hugely famous Irish name, independent of WBY.)

    From BBC:

    Ireland's heroine who had sex in her baby's tomb

    Actress, activist, feminist, mystic, Maud Gonne was also the muse and inspiration for the poet W B Yeats, who immortalised her in some of his most famous verses. After the Free State was established in 1922, Maud Gonne remained a vocal figure in Irish politics and civil rights. Born in 1866, she died in Dublin in 1953.

    But for many years in her youth and early adulthood, Maud Gonne lived in France. Of this part of her life, much less is known. There is one long-secret and bizarre episode, however, that has now been established as almost certainly true.

    This was the attempt in late 1893 to reincarnate her two-year-old son, through an act of sexual intercourse next to the dead infant's coffin.
    much more at the link above

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