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    WI - Terri Erdmann, 15, Milwaukee, 24 June 1971

    - stabbed 50 times, arms bound to her sides, raped

    - lovers lane/woods near rr tracks - North Western Rd tracks east of Appleton Ave

    - Terri was discovered at N5900 W9950 in the City of Milwaukee in a wooded area near railroad tracks. Terri had been sexually assaulted and died as a result of numerous stab wounds. Her sweater was pulled over her head, and her pants and underwear pulled down. The area where Terri was found was behind the old "Moreway" store located at 10100 W. Appleton Avenue. Other assaults had taken place at that location and that suspect may be the same individual who killed Terri.




    http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=BEwaAAAAIBAJ&sjid=higEAAAAIBAJ&dq=ma ry%20ellen%20kaldenberg&pg=5974%2C1543022

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    There's not much about this online, but I Charles Robert Hill was a prime suspect in the murder of Donna Willing in Milwaukee in 1970. He confessed to fondling her for years in 2004. In 2003, he had been making statements about the death of two girls, one of them being Donna.

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