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    CA - Elaine Lehtinen, 31, Napa, 14 June 1976

    Elaine Faye Lehtinen

    Missing Veterans
    Elaine Faye Lehtinen was a Navy Officer stationed at Mare Island in Vallejo, California she was last seen by neighbors gardening in the yard of her home in Napa, California on June 14, 1976. Elaine Lehtinen’s supervisor in the Navy became concerned that she did not show up to work as scheduled on June 15, 1976 and the supervisor called Elaine’s neighbor. The neighbor agreed to check her house and noticed that Elaine Lehtinen’s car and bicycle were in the garage, but she did not appear to be home. Elaine’s doors to her house were locked, but the neighbor did find an unlocked window and the neighbor entered the home. The neighbor noticed that Elaine Lehtinen’s uniform was laid out as if she had been preparing to go to work and her keys and purse were also found in the house. The U.S. Navy initially listed Elaine Faye Lehtinen as being Absent Without Leave (AWOL), but some felt it unlikely she would go AWOL because she had a promising career in the Navy, no criminal history and no financial troubles. Elaine has not accessed her bank accounts since she went missing.
    Read more at: http://www.missingveterans.com/1976/...faye-lehtinen/
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    According to another source on the web, she didn't have any close family which could explain the lack of publicity of her case.

    I wonder if she made any enemies at work? Since there was a no sign of a struggle I am guessing it was someone she knew. They lured her outside and into a car?

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