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    ID - Man accused of kidnapping, torturing woman over missing phone


    The Nampa Police Department caught a major break Monday night when a child's accidental call to 911 led them to the door of a man wanted on a $5 million warrant.

    Arturo Hector Mendoza, 34, was wanted by Caldwell Police on charges of kidnapping, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault and malicious injury to property.

    **Graphic details at link; proceed with caution**

    According to court documents, Mendoza went to the woman's home to confront her about the missing phone Feb. 10. She told him she no longer had it, but agreed to meet at a Caldwell gas station to discuss it further...

    The woman told police Mendoza said he planned to hold her captive and continue the abuse for a week and a half, and would give her "IV bags of Pedialyte and vitamins" to ensure she survived the ordeal. She promised not to report him to police if he let her go, but he refused...

    The victim is being treated for a broken femur, broken knee and other injuries at a Boise hospital... An officer with the Caldwell police department reported finding bloody instruments - including a wrench, baseball bat, rake and dowel - at Mendoza's house. The officer also said she found bloodstains smeared on the walls, floor, carpet clothing and windows ledges in the house and on the ground outside.

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    wow, what a break. people can be crazy!
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