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    Sea god statue went missing from mountain

    Thieves in Ireland decided to demonstrate their fitness and bible studies; they stole a six fet tall statue of a sea god off a mountain last month. In its place, they left a note saying 'You shall have no other gods before me'. They seemed to forget the parts in the good book about not stealing.

    Hikers just stumbled across the statue, and informed local troops on exercise in the forests of Binevenagh mountain, Northern Ireland. The soldiers have returned the statue, named Manannan Mac Lir, to authorities. He's a little damaged, but nothing that can't be repaired.


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    So long as Fionn mac Cumhaill remains standing, this too shall pass.

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    And then of course the only thing I get out of this all, is "why is a statue of a sea god on a mountain instead of by the sea".

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