The ages of the victims ranged from 14 to early 20s, Hochul said during a news conference at the Kenneth B. Keating Federal Building.

"The victims in many cases were singled out because they were identified as being vulnerable," Hochul said. "Sometimes the recruiting occurred over social media sites.

"In the case of Jones, he specifically visited social services sites and women's shelters where, by his experience, he knew victims frequently left these particular locations at set times of day," Hochul said.

They allegedly lured the victims with promises of money, drugs, or threats and actual incidents of violence, he said.

The defendants allegedly posted daily advertisements on and other sites, then had the victims engage in prostitution in and around Rochester, areas around the state and New Jersey. In some instances, the commercial sex acts allegedly took place in Jones', Pullin's and Echevarria's Rochester residences, court documents said.