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    ID - Ruben Felix, 2, Shoshone, 23 Feb 1997

    Missing Since
    : February 23, 1997 from Shoshone, Idaho
    : Endangered Missing
    Date Of Birth
    : October 18, 1994
    : 2 years old
    Height and Weight
    : 2'6, 32 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics
    : Biracial (Caucasian/Hispanic) male. Sandy blond hair, blue eyes. Felix has a scar on his right wrist.
    Clothing/Jewelry Description
    : A red sweatshirt, blue sweatpants with a stripe down the sides and brown hiking boots.

    Details of Disappearance

    Felix's stepfather was caring for him at the family's ranch in Shoshone, Idaho on the afternoon of February 23, 1997. Felix was last seen sitting in their front yard and drinking his bottle. His stepfather went inside the house for a moment to retrieve something and when he returned, Felix had disappeared.

    It was initially theorized that Felix fell into a nearby river and drowned, but if so his remains were never located. Authorities believe he may have been kidnapped and sold. Felix's mother, who divorced her husband after Felix's 1997 disappearance, believes her husband's family was involved in his disappearance.

    Felix's case remains unsolved. Little evidence is available in his case.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Lincoln County Sheriff's Office


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    Family of missing Idaho boy believes he may be in Mexico

    Ruben Felix was last seen 18 years ago today, drinking his bottle on his family's front porch. The 2 1/2 year old apparently vanished after his step-father stepped inside momentarily.

    Now, his family is going to review his file for the first time, the boy's aunt, Steaphanie Felix said Friday.


    Then-Chief Deputy Kevin Ellis (now the Lincoln County sheriff) told the paper that dogs tracked the boy's scent 200 yards. The trail began at the house where he was playing and led to an out building, across a corrugated potato field, up an embankment, over railroad tracks, down through a small pasture into the river where a footprint was found.


    His mother, Roseanna Mireles Ruben said, in a 2007, that someone claiming to be an FBI agent called her and said her son may have been kidnapped and sold. She suspected her former husband's family. In 2006, she said, she answered a call from a man claiming to be an agent on the case. He said he traced the boy to Guadalajara, Mexico, where he had been sold to a rich family, the man said.

    "He told me to meet them at the FBI office in Twin," she said. "But I got there, and they didn't know what I was talking about. The FBI agent in Twin told me, 'Your case was a cold case for six years.'"


    Steaphanie and her family believes Ruben, who would be 20 years-old, is alive.


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    New Facebook page has been made for Ruben - https://www.facebook.com/MissingRubenFelix

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    Ruben Felix's file on Idaho's Cold Case site.


    Ruben went missing around 4:30 PM, but police weren’t called until the family searched and could not find him for approx. 2 hours. A few members of his step-father’s family left for Mexico the following day, which caused disagreements as to what actually happened to Ruben. According to family, the same people who left the ranch later had their van found burned out in Arizona, but they claimed it had nothing to do with Ruben being missing.

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    I gotta say... I think he just fell into the river amd drowned

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayemonde View Post
    I gotta say... I think he just fell into the river amd drowned
    I believe the same but, obviously for a 2 year old to walk that far tge stepfather didn't just leave him for a "moment".
    Something more sinister could have happened and he could of got discarded in the river but the footprint makes me think accident. I know I would want to believe my son was out there somewhere instead of drown though. Poor mom

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