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    NY - Max Maisel, 21, Rochester, 22 February 2015

    Max Maisal

    RPD Searching for Missing RIT Student
    Rochester, NY (WROC)- The Rochester Police Department and RITís Public Safety Department are searching for a missing RIT student. Max Maisal, 21, a third year professional photographic illustration student, was last seen on Sunday evening leaving the Perkins Green apartment complex. His vehicle was located parked near the Charlotte Pier on February 23rd, but his whereabouts remain unknown.
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    NY - Max Maisel, 21, Rochester; 22 February 2015

    Rochester Police and the university's public safety department are trying to locate Max Maisel.
    The 21 year old man was last seen Sunday evening leaving the Perkins Green apartment complex.

    Officials say there is no indication of foul play.

    Maisel's car was found near the Charlotte Pier on Monday, but authorities don't know where he is.
    the rest here, with a picture:

    Search For A Missing RIT Student (wxxinews.org)

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    Since the Perkins Green Apartments are at RIT and Charlotte Pier is 20 or so miles away it seems odd he would drive there Sunday night into Monday when we had really bad weather here. Snow was bad that evening and wind chills -20 to -30. I live about 3 miles from RIT and the last 3/4 weeks the weather and roads have been awful. I don't really see someone just driving down to the Charlotte Pier.

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    Another story looks like this will get national attention seeing who his father is


    Police are trying to find a missing RIT student after he was last seen on Sunday.
    We're told Max Maisel, age 21, was last seen leaving Perkins Green apartment complex on Sunday. School officials say Maisel is a third-year professional photographic illustration student.
    ESPN representatives tell News10NBC that Max is the son of Ivan Maisel, a senior writer for ESPN.com. They say Ivan is in Rochester as police continue to look for his son.

    Doesn't sound good BBM

    Rochester Police say Monday they found Maisel's car in Charlotte near the pier, but the 21-year-old wasn't anywhere to be found. We also know Sunday night, the same night that Maisel was last seen, police were called to the pier for reports of a person walking out on it. Officers searched the pier, but found nothing.

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    Looks like there are 2 threads for Max can a mod combine them?

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    I don't know how to alert a mod but there are 2 different threads for Max can these be consolidated?

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    possible Max wanted to take pictures of the water or snow or what have you??
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    ANd this doesnt sound good at all...
    The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist.

    Three candles that illume every darkness: truth, nature, knowledge.

    "There, isn't this a beautiful piece of cloth!", exclaimed the swindlers, as they described the lovely design that didn't exist.

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    Almost every source spells the name M-a-i-s-e-l.

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    This doesn't sound good at all.

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    Max's car was found Monday parked near the Charlotte pier. His family says that's where he feels most comfortable. It's also a place where the family from Connecticut vacations every summer. "He loves taking landscape photography and he has told several people, including us, that the water calmed him," said Meg Murray, Max's mother.

    Although the 21-year-old often took photographs at the pier, his family discovered all of Max's photography equipment back at his apartment...

    Max's house keys and cell phone were also left behind at his apartment, but his mother says that's not unusual.

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    Praying for him -

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    I find that hard to believe the Charlotte Pier was a vacation spot LOL. Not to be rude but it is a place people like to take pics of the lighthouse and pier, but Charlotte beach is so polluted you can't swim in it, and the area is definately not a vacation spot. Urban and alot of crime and fights.

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    BBM sounds like he was depressed.

    We spoke with two of Max's roommates Wednesday. Richard Otte says he saw Max leaving the apartment late Sunday night. He now regrets not asking him where he was going.
    Otte says, "Max has been down off and on in the past couple of weeks. There have been times when I’ve come home and he’s crying but he wasn’t down. He wasn’t down when he was leaving; he seemed like his normal self."
    His roommates say he left behind his cell phone and house key. His mom says that's not uncommon.
    Max's mother Meg Murray says, "There were plenty of times when we might leave the house, and I might be driving, and I’d say 'Max, can you text your dad?' And he’d say 'I don’t have my phone with me.'
    Now everyone, including Thomas LaSalle -- Max’s other roommate -- is holding out hope that he comes home.
    Thomas LaSalle says, "Right now we’re just hoping they are able to find him and he’s safe and sound."
    Max was last seen wearing a black jacket. Anyone with any information is asked to call 911 right away.

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    Well this hits a little close to home. His father, Ivan, is originally from Mobile Al. Hope Max is off clearing his head and will return safely soon.
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