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    NY - Jesus Aguilera, 1981

    Jesus Aguilera, one of many Cuban-national prisoners who arrived on US shores via the Mariel Boatlift of 1981 - where most of Cuba’s prisons and mental institutions were jail-broken by their own government under Fidel Castro’s orders and subsequently transported to the USA - has been convicted of yet another torture/murder of a woman even after remaining locked up in a NY prison for over 30 years for previous murders and attempted murders all happening within a 9-month time period.

    Aguilera was believed to have strangled at least four people in the nine months between his arrival in New York and his arrest for murder. Reiman spoke to two others who had been lucky enough to escape before Aguilera succeeded in killing them, including the teen the exported monster had lured into an abandoned hospital with the promise of designer jeans, then raped and began to strangle when she managed to jump up and run.
    In June 2009, latent print called Lt. Sean O’Toole of Bronx Homicide and said they had matched the print from the Moore murder scene to a man named Jesus Aguilera. O’Toole assigned Reiman to investigate. Reiman was glad to discover that in another example of how things should be done, the medical examiner had retained scrapings from under Moore’s fingernails. A resulting DNA profile was submitted to another database that had not existed at the time of the murder.
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