Police are looking for a woman who gave birth in a home's bathroom, then jumped into a car with a man and sped off.

The Adams County Sheriff's Department says Amanda J. Conley gave birth to a boy on a bathroom floor in West Union on Wednesday.

She then took the child and got into a black 2000 Mercury Mountaineer with Charles Dustin Ozeta. That vehicle's license plate number is DKV-9064.

Authorities were concerned about the child's health and asked for help finding the woman.

There were two warrants for Conley's arrest in connection with other incidents not related to the child.

It is unknown if Conley lived in the home where she gave birth.

This is from my home town and is breaking news, so info is still coming in.
Another news channel states that she was at a party, gave birth, put the baby in a sock (?) and left. Police fear she may harm the baby. She is a known meth user, and has warrants in three different counties.