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    NC - Four people slain in Mecklenburg County crime spree, 22-24 Feb 2015

    A former contestant of America's Next Top model was one of three victims found dead in North Carolina Tuesday, in a drug-related shooting.

    Mirjana Puhar who grew up in Charlotte after her family fled war-torn Serbia, was found shot to death with two other victims, Jusmar Isiah Gonzaga-Garcia, 21, and Jonathan Cosme Alvarado, 23, in a house in the city's Tryon Hills neighborhood Tuesday evening.

    The alleged killer, Emmanuel Jesus Rangel, 23, was arrested Wednesday on three counts of first-degree murder. Police said he knew the victims and that the killings were drug related. Rangel has also been charged in connection with a murder that took place in nearby Matthews, North Carolina on Sunday, police said.

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    It never ceases to amaze me how little some people come to value the lives of others. So the suspect is accused of killing a man and hurting another on the Sunday, then on Tuesday executes three people. Sounds like this guy is about as dangerous as they come.

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    Search warrants released Monday at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse offered new insight into a triple homicide that occurred nearly two weeks ago, just one mile north of uptown...

    The documents note that evidence in the case suggests that there were two different caliber handguns used during the shooting and that the second handgun had been recovered in Houston with the second suspect, although that individual was not named...

    Search documents were also released from the Matthews Police Department detailing their investigation into the death of Rosool Jaleel Harrell, 22, of Charlotte. Rangel has also been charged in connection with that homicide.

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    Edward Sanchez, 19, and Emily Ann Isaacs, 18, had waived extradition from Texas and were back in Mecklenburg County Jail as of Tuesday afternoon, records show. Sanchez was charged with first-degree murder, and Isaacs was charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder following a fatal shooting at a Matthews motel on Feb. 22.

    Authorities are still trying to determine whether the case is tied to a triple homicide in Charlotte on Feb. 24... Emmanuel Jesus Rangel, 19, has been charged with first-degree murder in both the Charlotte and Matthews cases...

    Isaacs and Sanchez have not been charged in the Charlotte case.

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    A second suspect turned himself into police Thursday for three murders committed in Charlotte.

    Police say David Lopez, 19, is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Jonathan Alvarado, Jusmar Isiah Gonzaga-Garcia and Mirjana Puhar in late February.

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    Earlier this month:


    All four defendants in a string of drug-related murders including the murder of a former contestant on America’s Next Top Model TV program have plead not guilty in Mecklenburg County Court and will take their cases to trial.

    Jacqueline Harrell, the mother of 22-year-old Rasool Harrell who was killed in Matthews at a hotel off Independence Blvd., said she was appalled by Rangel's behavior.

    "And to see this man stand here and be disrespectful to the courts and disrespectful to everybody that was in that courtroom I'm just appalled by it. It's just going to be a long drawn-out process and the healing hasn't even started yet," Harrell said, "We have four deceased, one that's a quadraplegic in this killing and murder spree"...

    Rangel's trial date was set for October 24, 2016. No word if the other defendants will stand trial at the same time.

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    Jury selection underway for 2015 quadruple homicide

    Two shooting scenes. Four murder victims. And then four suspects caught. Now, the first defendant in the 2015 quadruple homicide is about to go on trial.

    Jury selection began Monday morning in the case against Edward Sanchez. Prosecutors say Sanchez is one of the people responsible for the killings of Rasool Harrell, Jonathan Alvarado, Jumar Gonzaga-Garcia, and Mirjana Pujar.

    A couple of days later, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said they received a tip that there were people dead in a house on Norris Avenue.

    Officers said when the responded they found Alvarado, Gonzaga-Garcia, and Pujar shot to death.

    Emmanuel Rangel and Edward Sanchez were charged four counts of first-degree murder, and one count of attempted murder. David Lopez and Emily Isaacs are facing accessory charges.

    Sanchez is the first to go on trial.
    Sobbing mourners provide soundtrack to Charlotte’s ‘Next Top Model’ murder trial

    For a time Wednesday, the rows on the right side of a Charlotte courtroom were filled by families and friends holding space for those who couldn’t be there – the four people police say were gunned down two years ago by Edward Sanchez. In his opening statement to the jurors in Sanchez’ first-degree murder trial, prosecutor Jay Ashendorf lingered over each name:

    Rosool Harrell, 22, a Xanax dealer who was shot three times in the back outside a Mathews motel on Feb. 22, 2015.

    Jonathan Alvarado, 23, his girlfriend Mirjana Puhar, 19, and Jusmar Gonzaga-Garcia, all found dead two days later in a small home not far from uptown Charlotte. Alvarado, known as “Cupie,” pushed heroin and was shot in the back of the head. Puhar was a former contestant on the TV show, “America’s Next Top Model.” She was shot twice, once near the throat. Gonzaga-Garcia was hit eight times in all.

    As Ashendorf continued, each name and each detail he used of how that person died brought an eruption of sorrow – and a sobbing exodus – from the nearby rows of relatives. By the time Ashendorf finished his summary of the evidence he believes will convince the 12 jurors of Sanchez’ guilt, the rows behind him were mostly empty.

    Defense attorney Scott Gsell patted his client on the shoulder before telling the jurors that nothing Ashendorf had said minutes before could be considered evidence, and that they must presume Sanchez innocent until the state proves otherwise.

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    Charlotte man convicted of murder in killings of ‘Top Model’ contestant, 3 others


    A Mecklenburg County jury Tuesday convicted Edward Sanchez of four counts of first-degree murder in connection with two drug-related killings in 2015. After a 10-day trial, Sanchez, 21, received a life sentence without parole for each death, plus another 13 years for a separate attempted murder conviction.

    After deliberating for about 90 minutes, the jury announced its verdict to Superior Court Judge Eric Levinson around midday.

    Sanchez’s accused co-conspirator, Emmanuel Rangel, still faces his own murder trial connected to the same killings. In 2015, federal officials said Rangel had wrongly been granted protection from deportation despite appearing in a federal database of suspected gang members.

    Sanchez was convicted in part on evidence provided by loved ones. It was his father who first notified Charlotte-Mecklenburg police that his son and Rangel had been involved in the robberies and killings.

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