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    AZ llama chase captivates nation

    The story here, in LA Times, with pics, video, 911 call:

    Llama chase in Arizona captivates nation; at one point, 3 were on the run

    The saga of the llamas on the loose began innocently enough, or so the story goes.

    On Thursday morning, a llama farmer brought three along to visit people at an assisted-living facility in a Phoenix suburb.

    The llamas calmly walked up and down the halls, and residents petted the animals' woolly necks, said Stephanie Schmidt, director of community relations for the facility, GenCare Lifestyle at the Carillons.

    “It went great,” she told the Los Angeles Times. “Everyone was really happy. It was wonderful.”

    Then things became less wonderful. Or, depending on one’s perspective, a lot more wonderful....

    added (ahem) llama chase video
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    This story brought a much needed smile today. Thank you.
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    Llamas on the lam!

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    Thanks for posting llamas are lovely animals I'm glad these three cheeky monkeys didn't get hurt.
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