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    New status symbol: $135 drinks

    The loveliest street in Paris is also one of the most expensive cocktails in Chicago.

    It will cost you $135 to drink a Champs-Elysees at Le Passage, a Rush Street lounge.

    Made with Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, Grand Marnier, orange juice and sour mix, it's served in a crystal cognac glass rimmed with powdered sugar.

    And you get to keep the glass.

    The bar may sell only one Champs-Elysees a month, says spokeswoman Jen Hansen.

    "People are spending $575 on a bottle of Champagne here, so it's not out of character for someone to spend this much [on a drink]," Hansen said.

    In this ever-growing uber-cocktail culture, the humble shot has given way to flights of super-premium vodkas and tequilas, bartenders are now called "mixologists" and pricey drinks with exotic additions like lychee and pomegranate juice are making Cosmopolitans seem dowdy.


    Beer anyone?

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    For $135 bucks I could buy a heck of lot of Coors. I don't get it, they only sell one of those drinks a month...spend 135 and no buzz!?!??!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SadieMae
    For $135 bucks I could buy a heck of lot of Coors. I don't get it, they only sell one of those drinks a month...spend 135 and no buzz!?!??!
    Coors?... ......Ugghhhhh.....

    Bud Light ROCKS........

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    Remember those $10,000 martinis in New York? They each had a loose diamond in the bottom of the glass. I'll try either one of these as long as someone else is buying!!

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    Quick, bring me a Perrier flown in 'specially from France.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaurenD
    Coors?... ......Ugghhhhh.....

    Bud Light ROCKS........
    Coors NA is great!!!!! Very refreshing! (I don't need no stinkin' buzz!)

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