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    WA - Sharon Mason, 45, found in shallow grave, Grandview, 2000

    "Last night the guy that lives here came into the Grandview Police Department and said that five years ago he had killed a woman and buried her on his property," he said.

    The man, who was booked Friday into Yakima County jail on suspicion of murder, told officers the woman's name was Sharon, Graham said.

    That name and the time of the killing match a missing-person report the Grandview police took last year from the family of Sharon Lee Mason. Family members told police they hadn't seen Mason, who was 45 at the time, since 2000.

    Detectives began digging Friday morning and found human remains by afternoon.

    "Whether or not it's this missing person, I don't know," Graham said.

    Yakima County Coroner Maury Rice, who will perform an autopsy on the remains next week, said the body is definitely female and likely has been in the ground for five or six years.
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    What an interesting story. A sudden attack of conscience?
    I wonder if anyone had reported her missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaurenD
    What an interesting story. A sudden attack of conscience?
    I wonder if anyone had reported her missing.

    I was wondering if the guilt finally got to him too. Sounds that way doesn't it. That is a good thing. If he hadn't turned himself in Sharon's family would have never known what happened to her. Now maybe they can find some peace.

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    I wish all these monsters would rid their concience.

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    DNA confirms identity of woman who vanished

    DNA testing has confirmed the identity of a woman who vanished about seven years ago, authorities said.

    The body of Sharon Lee Mason was found Aug. 4, 2005, when she would have been 45, in a backyard burn pit in Grandview after Daniel Hugh Sauber told police he felt guilty about strangling and burying her sometime earlier.

    Sauber, now 65, was later convicted of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced to life in prison without parole under the state's three-strikes law for violent offenders.
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