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    FL - Charlie Brame, 3, raped & murdered, Orlando, 23 Nov 2014


    The man accused of a sexually abusing and beating a 3-year-old girl before she died in November is now facing a first-degree murder charge, according to court documents. The additional charge was filed against Pascal Christian Kaufmann on Wednesday after an autopsy revealed that Charlie Brame died from "blunt-head trauma"...

    Doctors found swelling on her scalp, blood pooling in her skull, according to Orlando police investigators. There were also signs of recent and severe sexual and physical abuse on her body, officials allege.

    Charlie's mother told police Kaufmann moved from Germany to the United States in August. She and Kaufmann were married about a week before the incident, according to the report.

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    UGGHHHHHHH. I am so freaking sick of mom's marrying these monsters and bringing them into the homes with babies. He waited a whole week after the wedding to kill this poor sweet precious baby.
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    I don't know how many more of these I can take . Freaking disgusting and vile ******.

    Fly with the angels Charlie
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    All the mother has to say is,"He's a weirdo."???!!! <modsnip> He is a rapist and a murderer.
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    Would you just look at that cute little face ?
    I shouldn't have clicked on this but I want Charlie to know that justice will come.

    It's somewhat telling that she simply labels this monster a "weirdo". That's what one might say about a neighbor who likes to mow their lawn at night while wearing their pajamas.... not a man one marries who brutalizes their own flesh and blood, fgs !!!!!
    Cannot say any more and will sit on my hands --- Rest forever in gentle peace, little Charlie !

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    Liggett, 30, worked two jobs: at a bar at nights and as a permits analyst for Orange County's building-safety department during the day.

    She needed her 19-year-old, unemployed husband to help out with child care...

    Kaufmann took daily GoPro videos of them singing or going to the park to show that they got along, according to evidence gathered by the state...

    "Some days she loved him and she was hugging on him. And then some days she didn't … I just thought it was because he was taking my attention."...

    "I don't want you to think it's like a mail-order — like an Internet thing or something like that," she said. "Like, I've known him my whole life, and our families are very close."

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    Stepfather pleads no contest to murder, molestation in 3-year-old girl's death


    A 20-year-old German national pleaded no contest to charges of second-degree murder and molestation in the death of his new wife's 3-year-old daughter, court records show.

    Pascal Kaufmann was sentenced to 41 years in prison and deemed a sexual predator at a hearing last week, according to the Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office. A judge ordered Kaufmann on probation for life as a sexual offender.

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