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    Bride jilts groom for failing her wedding-day math test

    Following last month's jilting of a groom who had a seizure, the wedding jinx of Uttar Pradesh state in India has struck again. Wednesday, at a wedding ceremony in a village near the town of Kanpur:

    The bride tested the groom on his math skills and when he got the sum wrong, she walked out.

    The question she asked: How much is 15 plus six?

    His reply: 17.

    ...The groom's family tried persuading the bride to return, but she refused...

    "The groom's family kept us in the dark about his poor education," said Mohar Singh, the bride's father. "Even a first grader can answer this."
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    Might have saved me a couple marriages if I'd have been quizzed on algebra at the altar.

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    well good for her.. being saved from marrying a complete stranger she doesn't know anything about isn't all bad

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    Well, can't say that I blame her. 17+6 is not too difficult a problem. He could have used his fingers and still got it wrong.
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    If only more American women made their potential mate prior to mating, take some exam or have any standards, there would be a lot fewer threads on our beloved site!
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    I think she made a fair call, good to know these things before tying the knot
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    how appropriate for Pi Day
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