It just wasn't at all a good Friday the 13th for the original Nu-Way weiner restaurant in Macon:

Grisamore: ‘My God! How can we let the mother ship burn down?’

...They grieved the loss of the iconic Nu-Way, a restaurant that stood on that same spot for 99 years and 14 days, the second-oldest hot dog restaurant in America. When a Greek immigrant named James Mallis began his “new way” of serving hot dogs on Feb. 27, 1916, he never could have imagined they would still be selling them more than 175 million wieners later. ...
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Nu-Way Weiners vows to rebuild in time for 100th anniversary

...As Jim Cavacias and Spyros Dermatas watched their nearly century-old business burn, they looked ahead to better days. “There’s an old Greek saying that a lot of good comes from bad, and here’s a pure case,” Cavacias said. “There’s going to be a lot of good that comes from this.” ...
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Nu-Way fire at downtown Macon store won’t affect other locations long term

...The lunch crowd at the Northside Drive store at Forest Hill Road was “way above average,” said employee Carlishia Williams. “We’ve been like chickens with our heads cut off. We’re running out of things.”

Even though the Northside store didn’t have some items like cole slaw and onions, “nobody is being mean,” Tipton said. “Everybody’s been real sympathetic -- it’s like somebody passed away.”...
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Reflections on Nu-Way fire:
A look at the social media response to the Nu-Way Weiners fire on Cotton Avenue.

TIMELINE: The history of Nu-Way

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