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    FL - Amparo Arias Torres, 29, Miami, 11 June 1981

    I'm not giving up. Please share. Lets help find justice for my mother who was murdered over 30 years ago in Florida. I was only 3 and never had memories of her when she left this world. I would give anything to put this behind me. #justiceforamparo


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    So sorry for your loss, Humbleguy.

    The article you linked says there was no signs of ransacking so can we assume that nothing was taken from your mother's apartment? Do you know if there were any signs of forced-entry? A lack thereof may indicate that your mother might have known her attacker.

    I hope you get some answers.
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    Hugs to you, Humbleguy. Your mother was a beautiful woman. Growing up without your mother must have been difficult and I can understand your deep desire to find out what happened to her. I wish you the best on your quest to find answers.

    Sometimes, one might have an ideal parent built up if one doesn't have memories (or even if they do). It is only natural to hold the deceased in high esteem. However, we have to keep in mind they were only normal people with everyday problems. They were not perfect and made mistakes...again like we all do. Are you ready for any truths you may have to face when looking for answers which may not paint her in a good light or of areas to be explored? These are things you need to think about before starting this long journey as you don't know where it may lead.

    Hope you don't mind if I jump right in asking questions here:

    Is this Cold Case listing all you have on her case? It does hold a couple of clues with the majority of her visitors being male and the home not being out of order when she was found. I would guess she was not married at the time and considered a single parent. Where was she employed? The CC listing indicates she was able to afford a nice place (fashionable) and was proud of it.

    Do you know the Cause Of Death and do you have the autopsy results (can be obtained through the Medical Examiner's Office)? Are you in touch with the Detectives overseeing her case now? How much are they willing to share with you?

    Do you have a fairly complete background on your mother prior to her death? Are there family members or friends from her past who could give you any additional information? Have you contacted a Private Investigator?

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    Thank you Pettibon Junction and SeriouslySearching. To answer some of your questions. Let me shed some light to the case. There was no forced entry. There were also 2 empty cups of coffee. She was shot several Times in the head with a 22caliber. my father was polygraphed. But he loved her and passed the poly.Here's a little history on my father and mother. My father in those times was a narco trafficker. Did 15 years RICO charges In Florida. My father also believes the informant who turned on him (federal witness) was also responsible for killing her. He says the informant threatened her in the past. He says it could also have been a side deal my mother made that went bad (drugs). Months before my mother died. She dropped me off in Canada with my grandmother where I would be raised the rest of my life. A part of me tells me it could be this informant. But could Miami Dade police actually stand by and let this murderer live freely. I know back then there was alot of corruption in the police dept. My hope is regardless of him turning state witness he would still be prosecuted to the fullest. So yes we do know it was someone she knew. I am also a strong believer that there is DNA that needs to be looked at now (empty cups of coffee) my father is Aguedo Estrada Borrego (you can see more of him in search engines). I was told March 5 by Miami PD a detective would be assigned and then I would be contacted.
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    Hi SeriouslySearching see my comments above.. Thanks again for showing interest in this case

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