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    KY - Terri Howell, 24, Daviess County, 25 July 1980


    Howell's burned body was found in an abandoned farmhouse in far eastern Daviess County in 1980. An autopsy found she was dead before the fire stated. No one was charged in the slaying...

    The 24-year-old woman was last seen in public at a restaurant and nightclub called the Hasty Tasty... Howell apparently left the establishment with two people, a friend named Janice Hastings and an unknown man. "We don't have a clue who they (Howell and Hastings) left with," Pearre said.

    Newspaper reports at the time say Hastings told detectives that the man offered to give the women a ride home but then he turned in the opposite direction and she "bailed out of the moving car."

    Relatives of a woman murdered 30 years ago are demanding answers and detectives are working with the FBI to try and solve the case of who killed Terri Howell...

    A box full of files tells part of the story of how Howell died. She was strangled and burned inside an abandoned home in east Daviess County... All detectives have is a description given by Terry's friend, who says the two got in the man's blue two-door Ford after leaving a bar.

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    Deputies hope social media can warm up Owensboro cold case
    Apr 05, 2015 4:32 PM CDT

    Investigators are reaching out on Facebook in hopes to find the man murder victim Terri Howell was last seen with.

    Deputies say they have received a few new tips just from people reaching out through social media.

    Terri Howell was last seen with her friend and an unknown man leaving the Hasty Tasty bar around 2:00 am.

    Her body was then discovered in a burning barn in eastern Daviess County. She had died from asphyxiation.

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