From October:

It took a jury about five hours to find Lawrence Mireles guilty of fatally shooting Jenna Hernandez in 2012 and less than an hour to decide a sentence [60 years].

Hernandez was reported missing in June 2012 and her body was found by an angler near the water’s edge on Stedman Island along State Highway 361 on June 28. She had been shot but the gun used was never found...

Josh Davis and John Johnson were arrested on suspicion of obstruction/retaliation. They are accused of threatening to physically harm potential witnesses.
And more recently:

A father and son were arrested in connection with the 2012 shooting death of 16-year-old Jenna Hernandez, according to an Aransas Pass police news release. Joshua Davis, 21, and his father Johnny Davis, 46, were arrested during the weekend on suspicion of solicitation to commit murder...

Details leading up to the arrest of Joshua Davis and his father weren't immediately available. The Aransas Pass police news release states further details of the arrests "cannot be shared publicly at this time."

Blanchard said police had information "in the beginning that these two were involved." He said Mireles didn't cooperate with police, and Rhodes continued to dig deeper into the investigation.