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    NV - Las Vegas, WhtMale UP8016, 30-60, died in hospital, Sep'04


    The scarcity of information on this one is a bit strange because he was a patient at a Las Vegas hospital before he died and there's no height or weight estimate, no photo, no fingerprints... However, he had balding brown hair and a few very specific tattoos that could help identify him if somebody is missing him.

    Right shoulder had "Shirley Burke"; Right bicep had "Josh"; Right forearm had "Justine" & "Robin"; Right hand had a star; Right foot had a flower (rose) "Shirley Burke"; Left shoulder had a skull and crossbones; Left bicep had 2 hearts; Left knuckles had "L.O.V.E"; Left thigh had a heart banner;

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    There is Kieran Burke who had balding brown hair, (it's listed as black but looks brown to me in the photo FWIW), age is within range, no info about tattoos. He went missing in California 4 years before the UID was found and the circumstances suggest he got lost in Yosemite Park but I suppose it could be some kind of illegal immigration scenario (he's an Irish national).


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    I like the suggestion of Kieran Burke -- was he ever submitted?

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    Yes, please, someone should submit Kieran Burke! The tattoos alone (since we do not have any pictures of the man) make it a great possibility, IMO.

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