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    Photographs of "unrelated twins" go viral online

    Photographs of "unrelated twins" go viral online

    Do you have a doppelganger? Or have you ever looked at two unrelated people and thought you were seeing double?

    A Canadian artist has found people from around the world that have apparent twins, but are in no way related.

    “I'm not a Look-alike!” is a project by Francois Brunelle where he photographs people who look-alike in black and white. The couples he's found have an uncanny resemblance. Brunelle defines a look-alike as “a person who other people confuse for another.”

    The photos have made their way into exhibits around the world and are circulating the internet.
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    Freaky. Very interesting.

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    In my home town (about half a million people) many years ago, I was forever getting people running up to me and saying hello that I didn't know. I even had an argument with a 'date' I'd stood up once, who I swear I'd never seen in my life. I found out the person's name, but there was no internet then. Now, I could find my doppelganger easily....if only I hadn't forgotten the name.
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    No wonder the Unidentified forum is so hard to make matches.

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