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    ID - Bonner Co., Skeletal Remains, in Lake Pend Oreille, Mar'15

    A jawbone that appears to be human was found on the exposed bed of Lake Pend Oreille earlier this month. The mandible and other bones that were discovered await laboratory analysis. Preliminary indications suggest the bones are decades old and don't immediately appear to be connected to any recent disappearances or crimes.

    "All the molars were in the jaw and the rest of the teeth were all laying close by." The bones were old and gray. The teeth did not have any dental work.
    They could have washed down the Clark Fork River from Montana. It's unclear how long it will take to determine how old the bones are and if all of them are human.

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    Here are some MPs missing up until 1997 in a 150-mile radius. I have to go somewhere in about an hour so I can't go through Washington MPs until I get back (there are so many of them). Spokane is less than 95 miles away and Newport is 52 miles away.

    Michael Haire - June 1993, Sandpoint, 23 mi
    Tina Finley - March 1988, Coeur d'Alene, 68.1 mi
    Sally Stone - May 1986, Coeur d'Alene, 68.1 mi
    Deborah Swanson - March 1986, Coeur d'Alene, 68.1 mi
    Mildred Johnson - 1954, Coeur d'Alene, 68.1 mi
    Travis Randall - June 1990, St. Maries, 119 mi
    Gayla Schaper - June 1979, Moscow, 150 mi

    Tony Aguilar - October 1995, Thompson Falls, 69.9 mi
    Peggy Decoteau - July 1979 , Superior, 138 mi
    John Kerrigan - July 1984, Ronan, 151 mi

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