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    TX - Houston Woman Shot in the Head During Road Rage Incident, Police Say

    Houston Woman Shot in the Head During Road Rage Incident, Police Say

    The woman who was shot in the back of the head during a road rage incident this morning in Houston has had the bullet fragments removed from her skull, her minister said.

    Kay Hafford has been identified as the 28-year-old who was driving on I-45 this morning when another driver allegedly shot her from his vehicle.

    The altercation took place after Hafford got onto the interstate and honked her horn at a driver in a white SUV, police said.

    "She let him know by blowing her horn that he shouldn't have cut her off," her husband Kendrick Hafford told reporters.
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    Kay Hafford, 22, was on her way to work... when a driver cut her off on Interstate 25 in Houston, KTRK reported. She instinctively honked her horn and kept driving, thinking that was the end of it.

    But moments later, the driver pulled up next to Hafford. "I sped up, he sped up and then maybe about 30 seconds later, there was a big boom noise," Hafford told KTRK.

    The driver fired a shot into her passenger-side window. With her head reeling from the impact, Hafford managed to feel around for her iPhone and ask Siri, Apple's voice-automated assistant, to call 911. "When I heard Siri, that's when I cried," the victim told ABC News. "When I heard her say, 'Who do you want to call,' I said 911 and a 911 operator picked up. That's when I lost it."

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    They caught this loser. He has twin daughters that were four days old when he was arrested -- think before you act people!

    LE also say he is a known gang member.

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