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    MD - Julie Ferguson, 17, Greenbelt, 20 March 1995

    Hi. We're wondering if there are any similar cases to Julie's murder that occurred in 1995. You can read all about her cold case here: http://www.justiceforjulie.org.

    On the evening of March 20, 1995, 17-year-old high school student Julie Lynn Ferguson ended her shift at Linens N Things and sat on a flower box located close to the curb while she waited for friends to pick her up. Her ride was set to pick her up around 9:30 p.m. Witnesses saw her as late as 9:50 p.m. She was seen talking to three African Americans (late teens, early 20s) in a red/maroon mid-1980s Jetta. They were never identified, but police would like to speak to them. By 10 p.m., when her friends who were to be her ride arrived, they only saw a can of soda and some bags on the flower box; Ferguson was nowhere to be found. She was declared missing and her body turned up a few miles away, along a secluded road in Glenn Dale, MD early the following morning (around 5:30 a.m.).

    * No Sign of Sexual Assault
    * Strangled to Death
    * Throat Slit

    - Ferguson had no known enemies and did not engage in illegal activity.
    - The mall where Julie worked is *right next* to a major highway--295. Why did they stay so close to the area of abduction? Our guess is that her killer(s) lived in the area.
    - Killer(s) made no attempt to hide her body. Julie was left near the side of the road, in the open. The road she found on was secluded and not fully paved. {Why would they make no attempt to hide her? There was a path and woods close by, but they chose the side of the road).
    - The fact that her belongings were left behind makes us think that a) she knew her attacker and willingly got in their car, or b) she was forced in a vehicle and whoever took her was not planning on her surviving this encounter---why was her stuff left behind? Did she leave it thinking she'd be right back? Or was her stuff left because she was forced?
    - The mall in question is fairly busy and was back then. The area is also known for its police presence.
    - Some belongings of Julie's were found a few miles away from where her body was found--at a major intersection. Why toss her belongings and identification if you aren't trying to hide the identify of the person (ie burying them?)
    - Witness saw a red/maroon car on Daisy Lane in the morning of March 21, prior to Ferguson's body being found. Does that mean her attacker(s) had her for 7 hours? What type of criminal would take someone for that long? Obviously a sick one, but does this imply anything about their motive?

    We question if her killer(s) knew her or not, how she ended up in their car, etc. Were there similar murders in MD and neighboring states in 1995? Julie was slim, had fair skin, long, black wavy hair and was tall (5'7") with blue eyes.
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    I grew up about a football field away from where she was found. I was very young at the time and am just learning the details as an adult. Based on where she was and where her things were thrown, I think it was someone who lived in that vicinity. Was there DNA taken? Any security footage?

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    When I read this, I thought of that mall where she worked. I know Greenbelt well, can't believe this happened a few years before I moved to that area. Chilling

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    Agree on them living in the vicinity. I wonder if they had planned this out or if it was a situation that got out of hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justiceforjlf View Post
    Agree on them living in the vicinity. I wonder if they had planned this out or if it was a situation that got out of hand.
    . I think it got
    out of hand. He/they just dumped her personal effects in a major intersection - almost like they were just driving around the area trying to figure it out. Does anyone know if they checked for DnA back then? Under her nails?

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    They do have DNA evidence. That's at least somewhat hopeful.

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    This case is under investigation by the Prince Georges Police homicide unit.

    If you have any information please call: 301-772-4925

    Or text: "PGPD plus your message" to CRIMES (274637) on your cell phone.

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    What a terrible crime. It's wonderful how Julie's high school friends are still campaigning for her killer to be caught after 20 years; it just shows what a special person she must have been!

    My instinct would be that Julie did not know her abductor/s. Firstly she already knew her two girlfriends were coming to pick her up and had called her mom to tell her that before she left work. In the days before cell phones, why leave with somebody else when you knew your friends would be arriving shortly to get you? Secondly if you were leaving with somebody you knew, even if just for a short time, why would you leave your things? Surely it would be easier and safer to just take them with you.

    However if she didn't know her killer/s then what was the motive? She wasn't sexually assualted and it doesn't sound like robbery was the motive as some of her things were left behind and nowhere does it mention robbery in any of the articles.

    One of the 1995 articles on Julie's website about her murder references a man in a maroon Volkswagen Jetta trying to coerce other young girls into his car following Julie's murder and is described as "white, cleanshaven and in his thirties, with short, blondish-red hair and reflective sunglasses." However a 2000 article describes a maroon Volkswagen Jetta occupied by "two black males and one black female" seen at the time of Julie's murder.

    The 2000 article also states that the police had recovered "physical evidence" from Julie's belongings and a 2015 article states that the police do have DNA evidence.

    I hope they have a breakthrough soon.

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