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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Tonight Thursday 3/26 @ 8 PM ET, True Crime Radio w/Dr. Lillian Glass & Cathy Russon


    Ok True Crime Angels tonight's show on www.truecrimeradio.com is going to ROCK.

    First up, world-renowned body language expert (and she helped Dustin Hoffman talk like a woman in Tootsie) Dr. Lillian Glass . Dr. Glass will discuss Amanda Knox, that Juror (you know which one I mean) and more on what body language actually means and how you too can learn to spot bad people in your life.

    Also joining us is the live walking, talking encyclopedia of current true crime information Cathy Russon from CourtChatter.com .

    So here's the deal: Go to www.truecrimeradio.com and at a few minutes past 8 PM EASTERN click on the "Listen Now" tab. That takes you to my live show on iHeartradio.com!

    Chatroom opens at 7:30 PM EASTERN.

    See you tonight!
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    Dr. Glass's blog post on Amanda Knox.
    Be sure to read the comment section. It's quite entertaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoanellie View Post
    Dr. Glass's blog post on Amanda Knox.
    Be sure to read the comment section. It's quite entertaining.
    Dr. Glass was exactly right. All of her responses are rehearsed and none of them are genuine. I feel that what happened is that Meredith and Amanda got into an argument after Meredith accused Amanda of taking her money. This argument escalated and grew bigger and bigger, moving from the initial subject (money) into other areas where the two had issues. Meredith brought up more things she disliked about Amanda. Perhaps this shocked Amanda because Amanda was not previously aware that Meredith had so many problems with her. Amanda seems like she does not know how to read people or the situation; so this probably felt like an 'attack' on her coming from Meredith.

    In interviews, it is clear to me that Amanda feels disdain for Meredith. She is, IMO, still hearing the things in her mind that Meredith said to her. She feels that Meredith deserved what she got. I sincerely believe this.

    Amanda has no remorse. She is only remorseful that it got her into the big mess that it did. She doesn't care if Meredith is dead or how she died.

    She escaped justice in this world; that is the price we have to pay for having our kind of justice system, and that's fine. We don't want innocent people locked up in prison. However, Amanda was not innocent. But, she will have to pay for what she did eventually.
    Now my philosophy is that it's never okay to kill someone. -- Convicted Murderer Jodi Arias

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    Thank you ma'am, for sharing your text from Zach from when LE first found AJ, last Thursday, and for all that you do. Love and respect to all who help. It was good hear you read this quote from Zach. You are a wonderful Wizard.

    Zach, text to Tricia, about being there:

    "I went to the scene. It was very hard. I was there when her body was loaded up and carried away. She wasn't alone. God was with my dad and I and we prayed on the road there. Websleuhths helped me tremendously. Thank you. This isn't over. I'll be back on line soon."
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